COST of LPG PER LTR IS RS.44/- AND PETROL IS RS.67/-approx [Nagpur]

Auto LPG bunk is a common word in south India which means an AUTO LPG station in this part of india. As stated Less is More in all terms for auto LPG users. auto lpg Cost is less, economy is better, engine is clean, running cost is less, no doubt auto LPG leads the way for most of us.

LPG, is a by-product of crude oil extraction and the refining process. Most Indian cities have auto LPG stations run by PSU or private operators like gogas, etc. Many people who consider LPG as an alternative to petrol do so because they trust the fact that the combustion of propane& Butane results in lower CO2 emissions, besides auto LPG’s huge cost cutting advantage.

What is for certain is that LPG burns cleaner than petrol and Co2 emissions are very low. Moreover, LPG is non-toxic, In high traffic cities in India where fuel of vehicles need to restrict rising pollution level, auto LPG stations in Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore are a huge hit. State of Karnataka has made it compulsory for auto to run on LPG. In this whole scenario private operators like go gas have registered very rapid growth and made their network of auto lpg dispensing stations in 11 states of India. Similarly other private players are also networking to cater to the growing LPG users.

With this now there is better availability of auto lpg bunks in india and customer has a variety of operaters to choose from.

In terms of fuel costs, LPG costs less than the price of petrol or diesel, but fuel economy is about 10-15% lower. Therefore, you can get much more if u decide to go for LPG run vehicle. It is estimated that the running costs of an LPG car is approx. a third less than a petrol. Besides you can always feel proud to have a green fuel car.

The cost of converting an existing petrol car so it can run on petrol or LPG costs between 15000 and 35000. If you want to recover this conversion cost then you better use you car to its best use. Delivery vans, maruti Omni, auto have a typical run of more than 10000kms per year.hence their chances of recovery of PG kit cost are better. Cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad where the average run can be more than 50-100 km per day of auto LPG vehicle.

Earlier conversion needed to be done but most vehicle manufacture today supply factory fitted LPG vehicles. Maruti, Hyundai, Chevrolet and mor &, Three wheeler manufacturers like Ape, TVS Bajaj are supplying LPG run vehicles to the market. There is a price difference between LPG & Petrol Vehicle, but considering the overall economics it makes sense to be in auto LPG segment.

In short the benefits of LPG vs. petrol fuel cars are significant; it will make sense only if you decide to go for the conversion. With the growing demands the private players like confidence petroleum are planning for aggressive growth by networking aiuto LPg stations in entire india, there will be a chance for customers to benefit with easier availability of auto LPG, better service and good quality fuel from multiple players.

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