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LPG subsidy is a common word in India. Almost from rich to poor uses LPG for cooking mostly on a subsidized rates. Across India, across all states LPG subsidy is taken as our right forgetting that it has to come from some place. Subsidy needs to be given from a fund collected through taxes.

Let me cite some examples to say what I have to say
1) An average visit to a multiplex (4 persons) can cost you equivalent to 8 months subsidy.
2) If you can afford an android phone for Rs. 7000/- to 50000/- plus, then that’s minimum equivalent to annual subsidy of at least 3 houses.
3) When you order that extra cheese on your branded pizza, remember that’s the amount enough to fuel an average Indian homes cooking need for a month.
4) When you proudly sit in your 4 wheeler worth lakhs or crores, think how many houses can use the subsidy used by you.
5) When you look at the multi million rupees worth luxurious flat you have earned after years of hard work, do you still want that LPG subsidy?
6) When you buy that cigarette pack worth Rs.250/- on a cigarette stall, are you aware that Rs.250/- is the approx. subsidy amount equivalent for one domestic cylinder?
7) You can afford phone connection for each of the family member and do you still want to avail subsidy?
8) Surprising that people can afford Air travel, but they can’t afford LPG without subsidy

What happens to our subsidy? Where does our Subsidy cylinders go apart from cooking food in homes?
A lot of people use the subsidized gas cylinder for their vehicle, eating the month long family fuel in a day. This hits us in lot of ways. First the Subsidy has gone in wrong hands, second we lose on valuable taxes, Third we lose on valuable foreign currency spent for LPG, fourth your tax money is gone in that vehicle, Fifth often lives are lost in illegal trade of LPG.

There is one other type of black marketing which involves transfer of subsidized domestic LPG in to commercial LPG cylinder. This is apart from selling LPG cylinders at a premium to end users who need domestic fuel at any costs.

If we give up our LPG Subsidy and use a non subsidized gas cylinder then we will have better chances to manage our LPG demand and supply. Our valuable tax payment will go to the constructive work of nation building, and since there will be a serious fall in the demand for black marketed LPG cylinder, Black marketing will eventually stop.

Currently the 1.5 crore people who have given up the subsidy has helped government to plan & give 5 crore free connections under ‘Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojna” in rural India. This will help for provision of clean cooking fuel for families and reducing air pollution, benefiting needy families.
Giving it up needs your thought for it can bring better days for our future generation when there will be even more demand. We need not ask government to give us free or subsidized things for we know Petroleum products needs to be imported. Subsidy is for the poor and needy.

Now we have lot of Parallel marketers also offering Connections and refill service.This is also supposed to help in bridging the gap between demand and supply.Though there is one problem with parallel marketer, that they don’t have any subsidy advantage. But due to competitive nature they can offer better service and better reach.

If you are needy enough then please keep your subsidy, but if even one line of the above has hit you then think about giving it up.
Give it up
The link for Giving it up is here:

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