What can we do to reduce Pollution?

What can we do to reduce Pollution?

If you have a desire to know what you can do to reduce pollution then read further. We often think that it is the job of the Government or Some Ngo or Oil/Chemical companies to control pollution, but that’s not the case.

Let me share a bitter truth that as a consumer, probably we all are the major factor in rising pollution with rising demands for Fuel/Energy. The demand and supply chain continues to produce and utilize things to keep us comfortable and in turn uses material and energy which causes Pollution.

Can we do something about it as an Individual? Of course you can do a lot about rising Pollution levels. WHO published a report on Most polluted cities list, and 14 Indian cities featured in top 20 of the list. It pains to see the pollution levels rising day by day.

If for a moment we ignore what others ( government/NGO/Corporate) can and need to do, & focus on what YOU as an individual can do, Then what action of yours can help. Watch the video on What can we do to reduce Pollution?

What action taken by an ordinary citizen like us make a difference in pollution situation. Pollution is no more a topic of seminars, it has clearly knocked our doors. We will not discuss What is Air pollution here, but would like to suggest you simple actions from your daily routine which can gradually make a difference.


What can YOU do to reduce Pollution?

  • Be aware about Pollution, Make others aware.
  • Switch off electricity when not needed. No need to reduce consumption, but monitoring can help.
  • Switch off Computers, lights, electrical appliances when not in use.
  • Use energy saving Lights in home and wherever possible. Use LED bulbs.
  • While buying air conditioning or any electrical equipment, ask for energy saving feature, its energy consumption and then buy wisely.
  • Use public Transport or Pool your transportation.
  • Keeping your personal/office/Business vehicles well serviced & maintained can be an advantage you cant ignore.
  • Drive well, don’t brake or increase speed too often, effectively good driving can help.
  • Try riding Cycle or walking when you can. This replacement transportation can be a great help.
  • Use eco friendly rides like CNG/LPG/Electric when available in your city.
  • Use CNG/LPG/Electric vehicle for your Personal transportation.
  • Find out about 2 wheeler LPG kits and convert your 2 wheeler on LPG.
  • If Hiring/Buying a generator, ask for a less polluting one which will keep area clean.
  • If comfortable with, then opt for electrical or Gas crematorium, reduce the wood usage.
  • Check your water usage, and monitor it. Check and maintain all taps in house/office/ commercial establishments for leakages and repair immediately.
  • Monitor your Plastic use, reduce using plastic if possible.
  • Plant atleast one tree and take care of it till it is on its own.
  • Spread awareness on Pollution and ways of dealing it.
  • Buy things which are produced locally. Buying locally can reduce the transportation of goods from other parts of country. Reduction in Transportation clearly means reduced fuel consumption.
  • Try and use organic food. Organic living is a great support.
  • Sagregate garbage daily. Don’t throw home chemicals on ground. Dispose it properly.
  • Use products and things which can be recycled or are recycled.
  • Buy products with minimum or eco friendly packaging.
  • Stop littering in public place or parks. Keep your surrounding clean and eco friendly.
  • Always carry bag with you while shopping, hopefully cloth or paper.
  • Try using Solar energy for your needs like water heating or Electricity.
  • Use clean energy like LPG or CNG for Cooking, avoiding wood or coal.

    What can we do to reduce Pollution?

    Recycle, What can we do to reduce Pollution?


Awareness id the first key, hence learning and spreading awareness forms an important part of the whole process if you want to know What can we do to reduce Pollution?. Once you are aware, then you can act and take the things forward.

The things listed here are simple and can be implemented by an individual. Come on lets make this world a better place, by doing our bit. Hope you got the information on What can we do to reduce Pollution? here.

You can also read more here : What Can I Do to Help Reduce Air Pollution? 

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