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Post liberalization everything about LPG was supposed to change as government had allowed private players to import and sell LPG. That was huge step to revolutionize entire LPG business. Also Auto LPG promised greener future and clean cities.
Did it happen? Unfortunately subsidy on domestic cylinders never offered level playing field to private operaters. Who chose to c lose and moved to different business. Some companies survived and are still in business.

For packed cylinder hope returned with adhar card linking, due to which black marketing reduced and commercial cylinder segment registered growth. Private operators cashed on the opportunity with speed and registered their reach. A front runner is confidence petroleum I ltd with its presence in 11 states is the fastest growing indian operater marketing their brand Go Gas.

Auto LPG Segment grew. Especially south india saw terrific growth. Government in southern states has made it mandatory to run auto richaw on LPG. Which resulted in conversion of vehicles, along with network of auto LPG STATIONS TO CATER TO GROWING DEMANDS OF AUTOS AND CARS.

Surprisingly, the growth was SLOW in rest of india. Sky rocketing land prices has been a major difficulty in setting up gas stations. PSU and private operators did their best and today it is possible to drive across country on LPG.

LPG was supposed to reduce Burden on petrol, and pollution issues. Somehow the speed is slow. there could be many reasons

1] still subsidized LPG cylinder is easily available in black market

2] LPG run vehicles need push from manufacturers and government.

3] Norms to set us LPG station need to be simpler

4] Govt need to provide land for setting up AUTO LPG station.

LPG CAN SAVE YOUR FUEL BILL BY 40%.All it needs is an awareness campaign and a straight forward policy like southern states so that people shift from petrol to lPG. It is now 15 years since we were allowed to use LPG motor fuel, and still we are waiting for conversion where LPG will take leading position and help India drive clean.

What vehicle do u drive anyway?

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  1. Rightly said, an awarness campaign about the adavntages of using Auto LPG will be beneficial which is just haf of the problem solved. An initiative by Govenrment for a strict policy on Autorickshaws run on LPG would solve pollution to a large extent.

    Although there are substantial number of autos in Maharashtra, we don’t see a rise in sales due to illegal filling of LPG. Domestic cylinders are being pumped in autorickshaws. The auto owners/drivers are not aware of clear and present danger of filling from an LPG bottle, it’s life threatening, of culprits doing this activity and innocent citizen. We have read so many times in newspaper regarding such mishaps but no action is taken.

  2. The Indian LPG industry scenario will be different in coming days, even PSU’s also decided to appoint 10000 dealers under channel development programme in the coming future.

  3. The Lpg industry is growing but the problem as said above that the subsidy cylinders available in the black market is eating up our business and government is losing heavily on the this. The tax payers money is also wasted. There should be a dept to check on this and save a lot of money.the Govt gas agency people are giving discount on commercial refill and making money on subsidy refills

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