CUT throat & Neck competition, lust for the success ladder and to traverse each other in the race of life which has now been transformed into a Tyrant battlefield and everyone is more concerned about one’s own existence, survival, growth Read More


Satire: 10 Cash Rich Small Business Ideas.

10 incredible Cash Rich Small Businesses ideas in India which are literally minting Millions of rupees everyday. And chances are that you are not part of them. These business are cash rich, doesn’t get affected by Demonetization. For doing this Read More

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Are we shy about Auto LPG?

In a 40 Lakh population city of central India fresh Auto Rickshaw licenses were given. The 3 Wheeler Supplied against were all Auto LPG + petrol compliant. To my surprise, no one in that town could have created 3000 new Read More

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5 steps to prepare for a better funding of your Business in India

Raising funds can be a draining process for SME’s, startups and entrepreneurs. Lack of proper information and readiness can seriously hamper the chances of securing funds from Banks, VC’s, PE firms or Angel Investor’s for their dream projects. SME’s, Traders, Read More

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Why best time for AUTO LPG DEALERSHIP is now?

Auto LPG Dealerships has come a long way since 2002. Today we have 1100+ auto LPG stations across India spreading the message of green fuel and helping the nation to save on fuel cost and eliminating harmful emissions. Apart from Read More