A 500 rupee note,1000 rupee note could get you  an early entry in a temple. You can meet god before others with your 500-1000note power. The same can not be said as far as the spiritual experience. The person standing in a 8 hour Darshan line can get the spiritual experience before the half an hour Darshan line devotee.God made man, Man made the currency and currency became the route to God. Demonetization of 1000 rupee note,500 rupee note to curb black money, experience opened the spiritual doors for me and here are my top 6 Spiritual experiences which I have  realized in last 4 days.

  • Money means Nothing.

Even if you have crores of rupees it means nothing. The right mix of friends, relations and money matters. Today average Indian has a lot of 1000 rupee note 500 Rupee note but are of no use. He can’t buy a pinch of salt with it without struggle.

Suddenly people travelling in Mercedes also started searching for change & 100 rupee  notes.


  • We are nothing in front of an issue.

The most important change I have seen in myself was the realization that I am helpless and am nothing in front of this issue of exchange of notes. Demonetization of 1000 rupee note,500 rupee note issue is a great equalizer bringing people from all sections of society in front of banks in a queue.

All the money earned could not make me humble, but the “Change “ Brought the “Change “in me.

  • You need to seek for the solution.

Within a minute after the announcement of Demonetization of 1000 rupee note, , I realized I was all alone and in order to seek my solution, In order to seek my peace with notes, only I need to stand in a queue with water bottle, tiffin and patience.


  • Karma will find you.

The law of karma works. The more you convert to 500/1000 the more you stand in a queue. All my Lalach to keep my money at home, in denominations of 500/1000 will be rewarded with equal karmic assignment to dissolve those notes. And I will be solely responsible for the exchange as I was responsible for earning them.


  • der hai par andher nahi hai.

However difficult may be the process. Whatever may be the time required to stand at the banks, whether you will get petrol or not, whether you will be able to get money for your daughter’s wedding, you need to trust that Der hai par andher nahi hai.


  • Satvik Life style, Healthy life style.

With no change, a lot of people have adopted to a healthy lifestyle. Youngsters and everyone are eating at home, Petrol is used cautiously, Outing is dropped, Basic food with maa ke haat ka khana is the most popular theme today.


People don’t have anything to do except to think of changing notes and standing in line. All other tension or stressful things are automatically avoided.

Notes can be and will be changed. Not just now, but if you work hard towards your goal then may be after 2-3 days of standing in line your notes will be changed.


My degree of realization may be lesser or greater than others but today entire India is going through this change.  And more or less the feeling is same.

Hope this thought brings smile on your faces. Leave a comment if you like this.


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