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Why Simply Abundant Health & wellness

why health & wellness is a key issue in our life?. Simply Abundant Health & wellness is a blessing.

A friend of mine broke his leg inn Oct 2017, after just 45 days when he was barely able to walk he started with his office, skipped post healing physiotherapy in anticipation that now everything is okay. But within next three months walking became even more painful and difficult.His weight had increased due to neglect. Result was the recovery got delayed even by a few more months.Lesson learnt is maintain your health and wellness when its available and possible, because once the situation goes out of your hands there will be hardly anything you could do to reverse the situation. Weight loss, and lifestyle related issues will affect you in more ways than you can even imagine. So you think you can afford the treatment when it comes because you have mediclaim, but thats not enough for what your body has to go for the recovery.

The very first step is to decide what do you want to do. In Most of the our situation, we start without any aim, and give up the efforts even faster than we made that decision. Choosing Health & wellness will make your choice. in our mind we often co relate with how to loose weight fast. That’s not a good thing to do. You need to know your health and wellness target which you only need to stick to.

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You can join a gym, consult a physical trainer or find a good partner who can assist you in your brisk walks. you can also buy some gym equipment if you can and straightaway start working from home. A good treadmill is always helpful. Now you can have manual treadmill, exercise cycles, and completely motorised treadmills to suit your requirements and budgets. If you are running short on time, then a treadmill can help.



Now that you have decided you need to have a supplementary diet to keep your body well fed and hydrated. A diet does not necessarily mean cutting or increasing food intake. It means balancing all ingredients in such a manner that they take care of your complete nutrition needs in a day. It really pays to consult a dietitian. A dietitian is qualified person who can review your food habits, judge it and revise it with your requirements.

The world is full of options like oats, Fruits and other items which can successfully supplimentt your health & wellness goals including weight loss or weight gain.


Thirdly,Which exercises to do? Aerobic or Weights? Running or Walk? Yoga or Zumba? Swimming or running?

Your choice of exercise is mainly guided by the efforts your body can take. Basically what suits you is your essential starting point. If you are lucky and wealthy you can hire a personal trainer at Home to achieve your personal health & wellness goals. You can join Gym and sweat it out there.if you have money you can set up home Gym, You can go for Swimming or running or a simple walk can also do.

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Fourth and most important point in the whole process is Starting and staying on the workout routine as long as possible. Why as long as possible? Because we have not worked out in a while and with initial resistance we will surely take a break in schedule or go on eating once we start feeling good with weight loss.

Thats why i said as long as possible, when ever you take a dip, start again. don’t feel bad for the day you didn’t work out, just move ahead with the fresh day and fresh workout session. It works only this way, One day at a Time.

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Fifth and another important factor is review of your wellness & fitness goals. take necessary steps to amend the plan suitable to your body and your fitness targets and make it work. It is important to note that your efforts to regain your peak Health & Wellness target will match your age and your levels of physical activeness. Your response to your efforts may vary. No two results will be same for 2 persons and thats what will keep you going on the health and wellness trip.

If you have sugar or any other ailment then it is advisable to start only after a consultation with your doctor. Now a days gadgets to monitor your health are on line available.

Simply Abundant Health & Wellness

So my dear friend start today. Whatever your age may be, aim for achievable things. try achieving physical health & healthy mind on a balance state. source a mentor, get a coach, get a friend, read, research and if this is not possible then start with Suryanamaskara at your home. A couple of Suryanamaskara will be enough to start.

The points shared here are based on authors personal struggle with Health and wellness in his own life.

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