petrol, Auto LPG rates comparision

Auto LPG is the most economical auto fuel in India today against the price of Petrol and recent petrol hikes. Oil companies hike have made petrol and diesel touch their peak prices today. Oil price is surely becoming a cause of worry as it may escalate product prices dependent on transportation. What fuel you are using? Petrol or LPG?

Let’s take a look at Petrol & Auto LPG prices hikes in India. It is more than obvious that Auto LPG remains the most economical fuel in India today. If you are still using Petrol or Diesel and not using Auto LPG / CNG then you surely are missing on great savings. Check on auto LPG price in your city and calculate for yourself that auto lpg can bring down your fuel expenses by at least 40% immediately.

With states like Karnataka, Tamilnadu,  West Bengal, Telangana taking an initiative to make use of auto LPG compulsory for 3 wheelers, the first step in ensuring a clean environment is already taken. These efforts are bringing great savings & results as auto LPG is almost 45% cheaper than petrol.petrol, Auto LPG rates comparision

Petrol & Auto LPG Prices in different Cities on 12 November 2016.

(Actual prices may vary)

City                 Petrol Price                                     Auto LPG Price

Jaipur –          Rs.70.07/-  Auto LPG price in jaipur    Rs.35.35/-

Chennai –       Rs.67.02/- Auto LPG price in  Chennai  Rs.33.57/-

Hyderabad –  Rs.72.25/- Auto LPG price in Hyderabad Rs.36.12/-  

Bangalore –    Rs.72.64/- Auto LPG price in Bangalore  Rs.36.36/-

Nagpur –         Rs.72.65/- Auto LPG price in Nagpur       Rs.40.79/-

Mangalore –    Rs.72.09/- Auto LPG price in Mangalore Rs.33.23/-

Kolkata –         Rs.70.35/- Auto LPG price in Kolkata      Rs.35.12/-

Kolhapur –      Rs.72.7/- Auto LPG price in Kolhapur      Rs.37.80/-

Nasik –            Rs.72.83/- Auto LPG price in Nasik           Rs.36.30/-

Coimbatore –    Rs.66.85/- Auto LPG price in Coimbatore   Rs.31.56/-

Madurai           Rs.67.11/- Auto LPG price in Madurai       Rs.32.29/-

The saving can be sizable with the rate difference between petrol and auto LPG is now a major saving point. Auto LPG was never this economical before. A simple addition of the rate difference multiplied by your running cost with petrol can give you a figure which you can save annually or monthly with Auto LPG.

Now people can easily shift to Auto LPG to save on their fuel costs. Auto LPG is not only a cost effective fuel but is an environmentally friendly fuel with lesser emissions. With Auto LPG variants are now available from every car manufacturer people have a lot to choose from the segment. Those who are already driving Petrol cars, can seriously think of shifting to auto LPG now. Conversion is easy and legal also. All type of kits are available in most of major Indian towns to cater to the demand of Conversion from petrol to Auto LPG.

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