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Launching a like scheme is like arranging a Wedding:
• In a wedding there are essentially 2 parties, grooms & brides. They are opposite each other but turn to relatives after marriage. Product & Customer

• Both parties have differences over demands, arrangements but they work together to make the marriage an event to remember.

• Whatever shortcomings are, they are covered and not openly discussed.

• Simple lunch or dinner requires, a menu of minimum 16 items, cutlery, cooks, helpers, food items, milk products, plates , spoons, serving bowls, serving spoons, table, table cloth, chairs, name cards for items, decoration, paper napkins, gas, cooking utensils etc. all at different timings.
And they are arranged that way only, ever heard wedding held because there was no sugar to cook the sweets? It never happens.

• The Indian wedding needs more than 100 different items to perform the rituals. Not even one failed due to lack of it.

• Hall booking, timing, wedding cards, distribution of the wedding cards, receiving the guests, arranging their stay & food, wedding, grooms dress, brides dress , the barat, the reception the bidai. Everything is organized in the best of the fashion. Let me say the management style.

• Nothing fails, because everyone involved knows his or her job, the scope & limitation of the role they have to play. Basically it is the wedding of the groom & bride, rest all is immaterial.

• Weddings involves meticulous planning and advance delegation, and effective execution. It is our in house cultural management programme. It is taught nowhere in the world.

• Does your Scheme launch sound complicated than this?

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