LPG Cylinder Manufacturing Plant Inaugurated-Confidence Petroleum’s Venture

Confidence petroleum has recently inaugurated its 15th LPG Cylinder Manufacturing Plant at Burujwada in Saoner. This cylinder manufacturing unit is spread across 3.5 Acres. This Cylinder manufacturing plant will cater to the requirements of Oil major PSU like Indian Oil, Hindustan petroleum, Bharat petroleum and Private players like Reliance, Total, and Aegis. This LPG cylinder manufacturing plant will also cater to the export requirement of various clients.

Confidence Petroleum
LPG cylinder manufacturing unit confidence petroleum

This is Confidence groups 4 th LPG Cylinder manufacturing unit in Nagpur region after kalmeshwar, & saoner With installation of this unit the installed cylinder manufacturing capacity of the group is enhanced to 7 million cylinders per annum. Apart from Nagpur Other manufacturing units of Confidence petroleumIndia Limited are situated at Mumbai, Gujrat, Hyderabad, Jalpaigudi, Baazpur, Jharkhand.

On this occasion of inauguration of the plant, Head of Explosives department, Mr. N T Sahu, Joint Chief controller of explosives Mr. S K Shukla, Mr. Rabindra kumar Shrivastava General Manager of Steel Authority of India limited and Mr. Vipin Kumar Regional Head of Central bank of India were guest of honor.

Speaking at the occasion Mr N T Sahu visited the plant and praised the facility and expressed that this plant will support the ambitious Ujwala Scheme aimed at taking cooking gas to every home. He also guided on safety points which will help produce high quality cylinders.

S K Shukla, Joint Chief controller of explosives visited the plant and expressed satisfaction on the manufacturing facility set up by the group. He suggested important safety tips for manufacturing high quality LPG cylinders.

Mr. Rabindra kumar Shrivastava General Manager of Steel Authority of India limited and Mr. Vipin Kumar Regional Head of Central bank of India praised the facility and groups progress on the occasion. Groups network of 15 LPG cylinder manufacturing units was lauded by the guests and suitability & scope for Ujwala scheme aiming at cooking gas for every home was a key point of their speech.

Nitin Khara, CMD Confidence Group, Joint Chairman Nalin Khara, Director Ilesh Khara, Yatin Khara, CEO Sarvesh Khara, Senior management team Vimal Parwal, Satish Chandak, Jitendra Jain, were present on this occasion.


Confidence Petroleum India Limited is a BSE Listed Company Engaged in Energy Business since more than last two decades. The Board comprises of experienced professionals from LPG, Manufacturing, Operations, Retail and Finance background. Confidence group, by virtue of its manufacturing plants, and other commercial activities is present in 21 Indian states .

With the new plant Confidence Petroleum now has an installed capacity of over 70 lakh cylinders per annum .Confidence petroleum provides Bottling Assistance to Oil majors PSU Indian Oil, Hindustan Petroleum & Bharat petroleum with an infrastructure of 52 Bottling plants to assist PSU Players, Private Players and cater to own demand.

Confidence Petroleums “Go Gas” Auto LPG Retail Chain is the largest Standalone Chain in India. Confidence Group is one of the Pioneering organizations in the field of auto LPG in India. With 110 Stations Spread across Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Chandigarh, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, and Dealer owned operations in Uttar Pradesh.

Confidence Petroleum’s packed LPG marketing is now present in Maharashtra,Andhra Pradesh,Telangana, Tamilnadu, Chhatisgarh, Madhya Pradesh,Gujrat, West Bengal,Jharkhand, Rajasthan,Goa,Karnataka with a brand name Go gas.

About Nitin Khara: He is living his dream of making a mark in Indian LPG Industry with a dream of becoming largest Cylinder manufacturer in entire world. A simple trader with No business background or Financial backing some two decades back, has created a definite space for confidence group by starting Cylinder manufacturing, bottling, Auto LPG, Packed LPG & allied business.

Today Confidence group enjoys leadership position in the business category it operates with a unique bouquet of product & services. Journey of confidence group demonstrates amazing Indian entrepreneurial spirit combined with right opportunities culminating in to a regional player emerging as a national level infrastructure of LPG related businesses.

Today, under his mentor ship Confidence group is setting up new milestones and the story still continues.
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Nalin Khara is Joint CMD of Confidence Group and is involved in Manufacturing activities. He has been a consistent support to the Ambitious Confidence Dream of Making it the No 1 LPG company of India.
Nalin Khara is based at Hyderabad and leads manufacturing operations of Confidence group across South India.

Elesh khara is Director of Confidence Group. He is actively involved in to Cylinder Manufacturing Business of the group. He is based at Nagpur. Confidence group is the leading cylinder manufacturer of india and lead supplier to Oil major PSU like Indian Oil, Bharat petroleum, Hindustan petroleum and parallel marketers.
Elesh khara is actively involved in social activities and his contribution to various festivals & social causes are acknowledged widely across Nagpur.

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