does your cab Ride on Clean & Eco friendly fuel? Check before you book your cab

does your cab Ride on Clean & Eco friendly fuel? Check before you book your cab

Are you worried about Pollution in your city? Next time when you discuss the bad air quality of your city, rising pollution levels, traffic and other things, Think again. Chances are you could be one of the contributors for the same. What fuel do you use for your 2/ 3/ 4 wheeler? Are you using a clean fuel like CNG or Auto LPG for your car? Are you using an Auto rickshaw which runs on environment-friendly fuels like Auto LPG or CNG, Are you using a cab ride which runs on Clean fuels? Chances are that you are not noticing the point that fuels like diesel pollute and choosing eco-friendly fuels like CNG & Auto LPG can make a difference. Pollution is a reality which has knocked your door. Pollution is no longer only on streets. It is everywhere. We have seen in Delhi, Mumbai and also seen how


cab is convinient

convenience of cabs

Cab rides have become a routine in our country. Sometimes it is cheaper to travel by cab in my city than to ride my own car. Cabs have changed the normal & premium travelers use the public transport because of ease of use, great service, payment clarity, easy access and convenience. In a way, Cab has become a new premium public transport. Figures with over 2 lakh vehicles associated with a single cab service, the future opportunities are wide open here in India.  The only query is, are these cab services are using eco-friendly fuels? Or they are one more contributor to the vehicular pollution in India. Well, If such is the case then Mind you, my friends, that’s a big cost you are paying for your convenience. Have you checked if your favorite cab service provides a Green and clean ride? Have you wondered how much pollution your cab ride has caused to the city? Or you are not worried about that.

CNG car


The most commonly used vehicle for the cab is a diesel or Petrol vehicle. Mumbai & Delhi has cabs with CNG as a fuel due to easy availability of CNG. What about the rest of India? Especially in South India where Auto LPG network is the strongest and both Public sector & Parallel marketer are aggressively focusing on the Green fuel. Cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Chennai, Mangalore have a very good density of Auto Drivers who use Auto LPG. In fact, Karnataka High court decision making it mandatory for auto drivers to use Auto LPG has triggered the green revolution in Bangalore & Karnataka. Such is the awareness of people in general in south India that Auto LPG is a way of life. Cabs using Auto LPG Can be a reality here.

Have you traveled in any Auto LPG cab till date? I doubt. Auto rickshaw in Karnataka, Tamilnadu , Telangana & Kolkata city run on Auto LPG due to the government measures. Auto drivers were the smart ones who converted to Auto LPG and saved 40% upfront on fuel costs. In other words their profits rose, earnings rose by 40% and technically they became the first crusaders of the green fuel in metros.

Let’s take cost of Fuel for a sample cab company with 2 lakh vehicles, in Consideration. If I take an average of 10 liters per vehicle for calculation basis, then daily 20 lakh liters of fuel either diesel or petrol is consumed by 2 lakh vehicles on everyday basis. Monthly approx. 500 lakh liters of fuel will produce enough CO2 and NOS to make air quality deteriorate. Not to forget that already lakhs of other diesel vehicles are on roads, spreading emissions. These figures are of 1 cab company. Repeat the calculation again for the next cab company. And repeat it third time for the unaccounted cabs running across the country.

Auto LPG is 40% cheaper than Petrol. Which means if average expenses of fuel consumed (20 lakh liters ) by a cab company in a month ( 25 working days) will be ( calculated @Rs70/-per liter) will be 350000000/-  I even can exactly say in words how much is it when i looked at it the first time. Now if Auto LPG is used, then this would have come down by Rs.1400000000/- Now think what foreign exchange you could have saved, besides riding the clean cab and contributing to clean Air. We have to import our petroleum products, considering a 40% saving can mean a lot. Business minded persons would understand what iam trying to say here. It is our own money with which we pay petroleum products, and we spend money on its consumption. If switching fuel could mean 40% saving, would you want to switch?

Let’s Take a Look at the CO2 emission per liter of diesel vehicle. you will find the details of the emissions here.


Now the cab companies pass the bookings to the vehicle owners and who in turn deliver the passengers to their destinations. I’m not sure if Cab companies own the entire fleet of cabs. In such a case vehicle owner will have the choice of fuel for his profitable ride. Question is, are cab companies promoting vehicles with Eco friendly fuels or not? Is customer asking for a Green vehicle? Is cab company announcing that the ride which customer is booking is run on diesel or petrol? So far everyone is selling offers for business, hardly any action is seen on the emissions status of the vehicles.

Well, In India everything is okay, and even if it’s not okay, it’s still okay. I know that you are not going to convert to Auto LPG because you drive a premium car, neither you are going to convert the petrol vehicles of your company to Auto LPG, nor you are going to check if your cab driver has an ecofriendly vehicle. We will not do all this, and leave the work of protecting the air quality to government who in turn makes it mandatory only for Auto rickshaw drivers.

Sab Chalta hai.

Have a great day with emissions.

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