How to select Accessories for Men

How to create better impressions with right accessories ? you must have heard of “Ek noor aadmi, dus noor Kapda”.A man plays lots of roles through out the day and simply using correct accessories, he can create an impression which can help him. A well dressed man is always welcome everywhere for he represents business and seriousness for the occassion Now the big question is will this really work? And if yes what will I have to do besides using the accessories. Find your answer here, as right accessories can surely compliment your personality.

First accessory a man need to have is Shoes. One pair Black & one pair Brown. A well polished shoe can do wonders for your confidence. It will not matter if your shoe is road side or branded one, but it will matter whether it is polished daily or not. This is a must have accessory for your work life. Check various formal shoes here, click to see more. Lace or without lace? My recommendation is for Laced ones. These are absolutely perfect for all the office, Business and other occasions. Rest for others you can always wear what ever you want.

Second Accessory a man must have is a good pen. Stop using those use and throw ones. Spend some money , Buy the best you can afford, buy a parker pen pen here. A good pen gives you right representation at work place. If you are little stylish types, then you can opt for a decent gold coloured branded or a non branded Pen.

Third accessory , is a watch. Take a look at the existing watch of yours and tell me if its compatible to take up your big role in 2018. If yes, Keep it. If no then invest some money in a watch and pamper yourself a little. A good watch will always make you look good.If interested in buying online click here for the range. Watches come in all types, starting from below 500 to anything on the upper price range. You can always match the watch based on the occassion.


Fourth accessory is a belt. This one is the most neglected one and people don’t realize how this can change entirely the way you look at yourself in the mirror. Imagine having to adjust the trousers in a presentation just because the belt didnt do what it is supposed to do. A belt not only holds your pants but can also help you hold your personality in a better way. You need to have a brown and a black belt to support your personality. Shop for belts here


Fifth Accessory is your Phone. A phone has replaced Organiser, Scheduler and Table clock, Alarm clock, Digital organizers and what not. A lot can be told about you looking at the way you use your phone. So Whatever smartphone you use, make the best use of it. Because you might need it to send mails, take pictures, use social media and what not. Shop for best phones here with us. Fortunately, buying phones has become simple. You choose your requirement of hardware, select a price and pick up the handset irrespective of Brand. For the ones who are in to brands, things are well sorted out as they are aware about their Brands.

Sixth accessory is a decent bag. Leather bags are still in fashion and make a style statement.Backpacks are cool and easy to handle. What suits your style and work is your choice. Find your range of leather bags here & Back packs here for purchase.

Seventh accessory is a great set of White handkerchief. These babies never go out of style. It always pays to keep one ready in your pocket. Find the set here

Goggles, Cuff links, Ties, organizers, diaries etc there are a lot of items which can give your work and personality a distinctive look. The only point is are you willing to change? If you are then these accessories don’t cost much to adapt to. You can easily start using them and always make a new beginning.

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