CUT throat & Neck competition, lust for the success ladder and to traverse each other in the race of life which has now been transformed into a Tyrant battlefield and everyone is more concerned about one’s own existence, survival, growth & Incline at the cost of others. The Attitudes of a person is the mirror of his mind and it reflects his current state of agitation. There are three major characteristics of Attitudes which tend to persist unless something is done to change them. For instance, Job Satisfaction refers to an individual’s general attitude towards his or her job. A person with a high level of job satisfaction holds a positive attitude towards his job; while a person who is dissatisfied with his assignments, holds a negative attitude. Every individual craves for consistency and thus one of the most significant Reasons relevant to attitude Volatile ness is the individual’s resistance to change and instability. A Person’s  attitude can be changed and most of the times, it is in the interests of the management to do so. The barriers to attitudinal changes are far more deeply imbibed in a person’s personality. To remove those barriers, a transformation is required and the approach to such change is referred to as COFFEE Approach here :

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COOPERATION: The co-operation means the management’s co-operation by involving the employees in major decision, by practicing effective employees’ participation or participative management. Managers should be interested in their employees’ attitudes because attitudes influence behavior. Satisfied employees have lower rate of turnover and absenteeism. Building an attitude today will help in building an organization of tomorrow!

OBLIGATION: The persuasion of friends, comrades and family contribute a lot to change in attitude. Such persuasion attacks the affect domain of an individual’s personality, which is identified as most vital factor for an attitude formation. This facilities the change much faster and comparatively with lesser amount of resistance and reluctance. The pseudo-barriers on the basis of designations, area of work, age and qualifications are fast diminishing the contemporary flat organizational structures. Most of the organizations today prefer open-door policy for smoother employee-employee interaction.

fear is good for teamwork

FEAR FACTOR: Nothing can deter a person, from doing certain wrongs, except fear. A person would definitely ignore a threat if it were too mild, as for example the statutory warnings at the bottom of all cigarette packs hardly have any effect on the smokers.

But a mild threat of fear may give better results even though any excess in this aspect would result in negative reaction leading to disastrous situations. Generally the Fear of Punishments, demotions, sidelining etc does work with its pluses & Minuses in most of the cases. Reward & Punishment system is the most effective & tested system to curb Fear to compel Positive & productive attitude and bring it in as Obvious by Motivation.

faith in teamwork

team work & faith

FAITHI have seen in my various assignments in last 25 years that even the Big, successful and so called professionally managed organizations have the weakest FAITH system. There is excessive Pre Task; EnTask & Post task briefing, rules & norms, Do’s & Don’ts etc which numbs the process of thinking, Analysis, evaluation by the people starting from No.2 in the hierarchy. The potential of the People & their so called eligibilities, competence, caliber remains untapped, unidentified, unused & unexplored. It is generally the Firm Belief by the Top guy in the hierarchy who is Generally from the Family of the Management or Member from the Loyal House to Management that things will happen only if he does it or moniter.Such Lack of FAITH in anybody’s competency or FAITH in oneself only & in No one else creates Detachments, non Belongingness, Pshychofancy and organization is always under Question that how much it could or could have grown had everybody was allowed to contribute.Puppetory Hierarchy & the People happy in such system under the mask of Adjustment generally kills the Hidden Potentials both in People & Business. This is very commonly seen in Large size organisations run by Family, Relatives, People from the “SOME SAME Factor” like from the same village/town where the owners belongs to,cast & community etc.People tolerate & adjust with the treatment part as the Brands are Big, salaries are High & CV becomes strong with this assignment’s inclusion for few years.


ENRICHMENT: The most basic barrier to change in attitude is lack of information and absence of an effective system of communication within the company, which results in misunderstandings between the Superior  and the subordinates. Also information of such nature may even change a person’s beliefs and, in the process, his attitudes. The free flow of information from the management leads to lesser amount of rumors, lesser insecurity and as a result, more output and commitment.


EQUALITY: Last but not the least is the Equality. Managers should ensure equanimity and at no point of time should be left to feel unequal. No employee in the same cadre should get any special privileges for whatever reasons. In an organization, if the manager doesn’t keep the balance between what his mind thinks and what his heart suggests, he will be ruining not only his career but also the organization.


The COFFEE Approach is quite simple and can easily be implemented at all levels, in all kinds of organizations. The approach thus helps to exploit & expose the hidden potentials of every employee & attaining the optimum output from the most vital resource, the Human Resource. The COFFEE APPROACH can be initiated primarily for Developing a harmonious work-culture and a spirit of team building across the organization for better output.It will also help vitally in Maintaining a bridge between the family, peers and the working group of an employee and inculcating discipline and further Enhancing employees’ information base by providing suitable data input from various sources.


So Dear Managers.., Lets have a COFFEE

About Author Mohan Pande:

Author has rich experience in Media, Communications & PR, Corporate affairs, Management etc. mohanpandeji@gmail.com

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  1. Nadalie says:

    Call me crazy, call me naive, but I am convinced there isn’t a problem my cup of coffee can’t fix.

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  2. Interesting topic and really different approach about coffee! – It looks like an effective good strategies for enterprises and organizations. I do believe that everything that makes our work environments more creative, that promote team work and reaching goals together is a must! Great post!

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