How the cashless world has evolved? We can’t say about others but it surely worked out well for employee who is travelling frequently for the company work. The world has changed, technology has changed, and my generation is a witness to this part of memories.  Sitting at Nagpur the world is not far away. Technology catches up with us in a month or two from its launch in next part of world. Hollywood movies premier on same day in Nagpur. Icons launch their albums on same day.


But just a couple of decades ago the world was not like this, there was no internet and mobile phones, just sharing a few situations with you which will make you ponder.

Situation 1 – Year 1994

2 employees from Nagpur are stuck in hotel for the want of money. One at a site 30 km from Indore and one in Bangalore city. Solution: Money order, No takes 3 days. So owner called a friend of a friend of a friend in Bangalore and arranged for money.

In Nagpur office, cash was wrapped in multiple layers of paper and lastly ducked in an envelope to give it look of a cover with important documents. Finally, one person was rushed to deposit it in Nagpur Indore Bus. The driver was told to stop for a minute 30 km from Indore at a particular village for the person to pick it up.

As usual, the person & the driver missed each other, and person had to travel another 30 km to pick that” Important Documents” envelope.

money in 80s

In those days, it was absolutely okay for an employee to sit at Hotel & do nothing for he did not have money to pay the hotel bill and check out.

Today: Today it takes a minute to transfer any one money all across India. The situation mentioned above is unimaginable today.


Situation 2

We had floppy disc’s, 1.4 & 1.2. VERBATIM DATALIFE PLUS We used to do all our work for tender and rush for prints to an external vendor. Remember, getting things printed was an equally important task of those times. Dot matrix printers were kings. Xerox machines were for Xerox in those days.

And the most common result use was the unable to read the disk. And finding a PC plus printer which could print it became a task.

Later came Zip drives, CD, DVD, Email, Email with bigger size attachments and we transfer. Pen drives advanced to become mammoth hard drives.


Today: Printing is no more an issue at all, all sizes, all formats, all possible surfaces, you can print anything. Today Android allows you to print from your phone while you are watching a movie. #d printing has also knocked the doors and is ready to enter in to our systems.


Situation 3

Railways travel of early 90’s was painful. It really was. It had to be planned in advance, you need to carry food, water, snacks. After one meal your Sabji used to rot and you were forced to search for Sabji or Dall or just stay hungry till you reach destination. Food was bad, water didn’t suit, and experience was horrible even if you travel to any direction across India.

food packs

Today: The food in Indian railway is good. You are blessed with various facilities, water, even medicines and comfort. If you are at Itarsi you can have a choice of absolutely wonderful food from 90/- – 200/-. Travelling to or from Delhi – Chennai route. You can have biryani at Igatpuri, or you can just SMS and order food of your choice and receive it at your seat while travelling.

The speed of railways has changed, now depending on your time you can choose trains suitable to your purpose. All A/c trains, Rajdhani, Chair car, Garibrath the whole experience has just been upgraded to a very good level.


Situation 4

Air travel was a luxury and was afforded by important persons only. We remember our guests or relatives coming by flight and we used to go to pick them up. Airports have witnessed family gatherings at such occasions. Amazing experience and status symbol for the traveler.

air travel

Today: Alas, this myth was broken by Air Deccan, I travelled couple of times with Rs1/- airfare, Today Air fares and air travel has crossed the level of luxary and has entered in to a time saving facility available for everyone.

The rise of new airlines and their pricing and service has definitely attracted everyone travelling for business or pleasure to choose air travel as their primary mode of transport. It has no doubt has broken the myth that Air travel is a luxury.


Lastly, when there were no electronic gadgets, then a simple gadget was ruling the social circuit. IT was “Thermos”. Today’s generation cannot imagine the importance of thermos and status attached to it.

If you were hospitalized and you didn’t get anything in Thermos, then you were not sick enough. Then your family need to ask thermos to someone. They would give then complain that the candle broke or the milk soured in it.  Only a lucky few had a Thermos, and normally you would need to borrow or rent it from someone.

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