Parallel marketers are aggressively marketing to consumers for LPG connections and instantly delivering new Gas connections. Parallel marketers have done networking with a dealer network catering to larger & larger audience for LPG connections or gas cylinder connections. Southern states like Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh already has witnessed private LPG revolution. dealers are booking gas connections with new connection applications received from locals. Refill cylinders are available close and service for refill gas bottle is fast. Gas cylinder prices change 1 st of every month.

Now Maharashtra,Gujarat,Rajasthan, Madhya pradeshand other states are also enjoying the benefits of new LPG gas connection supplied by Parallel marketers.

This LPG is mostly supplied to commercial customers as parallel marketers don’t have the subsidy advantage. With DBTL, now a new segment has emerged Non-subsidized LPG cylinders, which you also can take from a parallel marketer or simply a private company selling LPG. A private companies Non-subsidized LPG connection is simply convenience and an option today before it becomes a necessity tomorrow. Just like mobile telephony, tomorrow private LPG connections will be a day to day affair.


If you spend even one minute of our time searching for LPG gas cylinder in your everyday life, then I would recommend you A private Gas Connection. Because after taking a private gas connection you probably will never have to wait  for a refill LPG cylinder. The new dealers are eager to serve the customers as they want to grow with service as their base. Parallel marketers like Go gas train their dealers for better service and adapt to the excellent norms of service by offering Sunday working and late evening deliveries. The advantage definitely goes to the Customers.

All considered You can always opt for a LPG Connection from parallel Marketer in your city. Experience the service and convenience.

You can call to Go gas on 8767770780 and register your area. They will reply immediately if the nearest dealer is available to your location. or you can visit

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