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Whats the harm in Buying Farsan online? Namkin or farsan is an integral part of Indian Snacks. Be it morning snacks, or kids snacks for school,Birthday party snacks,baked Namkins,Healthy farsan,Hi protein,Lo carb Namkin, mix farsan, casual or serious we Indians just love to eat healthy namkin, sev,Indian Chevda,Chakli,Bhajia,Indian Papdi chat, kanda Bhajia, Samosa,Kachori,Sambar wada, Idli or khaari boondi, Gujrathi khakhra, Bakarvaadi in all variations.

My job has taken me to 25+ states. Be it Tamilnadu or Rajasthan , Bengal or Gujrat.I have tasted various snacks as street food, as home food and have survived on packed Farsan & Namkin for my snacks needs. It is an amazing experience to Buy Haldiram Nagpurs Roasted Groundnuts or Navratna Mixture in madurai, or in any southern states. Same taste received, releiving you of Home sickness. Pani poori is also available across India. Idli, Wada, Dosa is available right from Kashmir to kanyakumari. Farsan , Namkin or packed snacks , healthy snacks business requirements are growing fast. A few days back it was reported that Haldiram is the Largest snacks company of India. Imagine now the reach, requirements, and choice of taste you can get at any corner of India and even abroad in some cases.In south India brand like MTR dominates with its own range of snacks in packed category. My favorites like shakkarpara, sev, chakli, mixture is now available any where I am travelling. There are some other regional brands who are present in their areas and also make your snacks experience fun.

You are outside your home and suddenly you miss that typical Chevda or mixture, then what to do, now you can order on line. You are having a party and you don’t have time to go out and shop, what to do, order online. Online shopping brings you ease and convenience at your fingertips and saves your time and energy.

We love our Namkin or Salty snacks.North to south and east to west namkins are made at home and also available as off the shelf product in attractive packing by local and manufacturers like leher/Haldiram/ Bikaji and many more on national level. The best part about branded namkin is that they are hygienically packed, available in same taste across the nation, and can be picked up from any general shop.

the unbranded namkin mix farsan,  healthy namkin, Sev,Indian Chevda,Chakli,Bhajia,Indian Papdi chat, Gujrathi khakhra, Bakarvaadi in all variations is equally popular and holding its ground on its uniqueness.every city has its unique namkin store selling absolutely amazing farsan. But unbranded namkeen don’t enjoy the patronage of same taste at any other city due to availability disadvantage. This means even if you are the top seller of your brand in your city, you will be available in your city. Buy Indian snacks online by clicking here

some of the most popular varieties are



gujrathi snacks online


indori farsan


Haldiram Khakhra                                                     


BUY Haldiram orange sonpapdi ONLINE HERE

indian chakli

Buy Indian snacks Chakli online

AND more and more different Indian snacks here snacks

Bikaneri has bikaneri mixture,bhujiya and more, Gujrathi has bhavnagari sev, Gathiya, Khakra, gathiya, Sev and more thousands of more variations are available across India by various names. Chakali, Murukku, Rice crackers etc each region has its own farsan, Namkeen as healthy Indian Snacks.

some examples of Indian snacks  are mentioned here
1} Gujrathi mixture is an Indian Chevda which is lightly sweetened, hot and has Gujrathi snacks like sev ,gathiya,papdi,sakkarpara. Since it is amixture of all popular gujrathi farsan thatswhy it is called as a mixture or Chevda. Is suitable for all age groups.

2} Bikaneri mixture is an Indian chevda.Hot,having gram anlentils as its major ingradient.

3} Tej mixture or Indian Chevda. Tej means hot and spicy.made with poha,boondi and chana dal. Its an Indian Chevda

4} Golden mixture gets its name from its rich golden has pudina flavor,with makai poha,poha,bhvnagari masala sev,papdi,barik sev,Khaari boondi and matar.

5} Bhavnagri sev,is made of besan,khasta,salt,ajvain,hing.

6}  Ratlami masala sev / Bhujia Sev is hot and chatpati with ajvain hing and chilli.

sev, farsan, namkin

You have been eating these farsans all along, but have you ever thought why the farsan, sev or mixture tastes so different and is probably eaten with different supporting items. My personal fav is Haldirams Navratna and Khatta meetha. Navratna is rich with dry fruits and khatta meetha is a simple chevda with salty and sweet taste. I eat it just like that or with my meals and anytime.

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