Do you remember innocent we were before we became what we are today. Our life was filled with fun, happiness and pure pursuit of the living when we were young and then we grew up.

But over the years either we turned in to father, Husband, Employee, Businessman, shopkeepers and what not. But not us.

Still each day we start the day as it is and leave work to provide for the loved ones or to provide for the people who are dependant on us.

pets offer best communication lesson to us inspite of the fact that they cant speak language. We have language, yet we face communication issues.
Hope is a very simple and effective tool. Hope can be passed, can be taken from someone.
Hope can be created from within. Hope doesn’t have a binding rule. Hope can be shared. Hence Hope becomes a very important part of our living.

Those with & BPD, mental health issues, life is a different ball game. They often are ignorant with the Hope and their mind may not allow them to think straight, forget the hope.

Imagine living a life where you are not sure what will you think next, next minute will u be happy or sad, will you be aware that you are hungry or will you be aware that you have over eaten.
Mood swings are difficult and person knows from inside that there is something wrong with this kind of hopeless thinking but cant do anything about it.
Those who have lived and are surviving know what I am saying, a life without hope is a difficult life.

Fortunately, Hope really works once you start working on it. All it takes to us to believe that life can be better. Simply that much.

Next day is a brand new day of your brand new life. Start it with a clean mind and Hope. Rest all will fall in place.

Hope doesn’t promises you that e everything will change immediately, but it assures you that if you give yourselves a chance then it surely will be a changed life. Hope will give you fuel to walk, and energy to run. It will take you through the day easily Hope will bring in right people around you.

There are amazing stories of winners from simple daily life who made it someplace. They could do it because they hoped to.

Not every one in this world has to Hope to become a millionaire, or a successful businessmen, or this and that. You can hope to raise a good family, Happiness, Friends,  together ness of loved ones

You can hope to be able to support someone in need, give and take help.
Try it, giving or taking hope. It works.

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