Best cooler under 10000/- for Indian Summer

Air coolers have seen phenomenal change,  Right from Metal air coolers, now we have fiber/Plastic room cooler in India. Right from Room coolers to Cooling towers, now air coolers are available in Shapes, Sizes and even desert coolers come branded Read More


Unbelievable stylish, Rugged Jeans available for sale on line.

Jeans have changed our fashion and style. Jeans mean ease of dressing and comfort. Jeans mean comfort. new jeans,cargo jeans,light blue jeans,stylish jeans,tight jeans,rugged jeans,light blue jeans,stylish jeans are around suiting your choice and taste. Online shopping has seen terrific Read More

life without petrol

कहानी पेट्रोल की how will be life without petroleum Products

  A fictional peak in to life without petroleum Products, Peak oil, Environmental economics, Petroleum politics, Petroleum, Futurology, alternative energy, Energy crisis, petrol, diesel, kerosene, wood, cng, cars, lpg, autolpg, coal. वर्ष 2040, आज का दिन : पेट्रोल व डिजल Read More

Communication skills

9 ways to improve your Communication Skills

By communicating with each other, we express our views and thoughts and also understand others. The interaction could be verbal or non verbal. While some people are born with good communication skills others need to work on them to improvise Read More

future ready managers


Power is  a sense of inner Strength Identification  which enables someone to get others to do what he wants them to do. Most of the people strive for power not necessarily in order to harm others or to control others Read More