Best cooler under 10000/- for Indian Summer

Air coolers have seen phenomenal change,  Right from Metal air coolers, now we have fiber/Plastic room cooler in India. Right from Room coolers to Cooling towers, now air coolers are available in Shapes, Sizes and even desert coolers come branded Read More

lpg agency

2018 का सबसे बेहतरीन व्यवसाय, एलपीजी गैस एजन्सी शुरू करे, आयीये एलपीजी वितरक बने.

क्या आप एलपीजी व्यवसाय से जुड्ना चाहते है? क्या आप एल पी जी गैस एजन्सी लेना चाहते है? क्या आपको लागता है के एलपीजी व्यवसाय मे करोडो रुपये लगते है? अगर आप इन सभी बातो को मानते है तो आगे Read More

Composite LPG cylinders

देश के एलपीजी ग्राहको के साथ अब विश्व के अधिक सुरक्षित एल पी जी सिलिंडर

हाल ही मे निजी क्षेत्र की कम्पानियो ने कंपोझीट एलपीजी सिलिंडर को बाझार मे उतरनेके संकेत दे कर, देश मे एक बडे अमुलचुल परिवर्तन के संकेत दिये है. कंपोझीट एलपीजी सिलिंडर एक क्रांतिकारी पहल है जो करोडो एल पी जी Read More


LPG Cylinder Manufacturing Plant Inaugurated-Confidence Petroleum Venture

LPG Cylinder Manufacturing Plant Inaugurated-Confidence Petroleum’s Venture Confidence petroleum has recently inaugurated its 15th LPG Cylinder Manufacturing Plant at Burujwada in Saoner. This cylinder manufacturing unit is spread across 3.5 Acres. This Cylinder manufacturing plant will cater to the requirements Read More

attitude & success

How to build a successful “ ATTITUDE”..

how to build a successful attitude. Success is not the Holy bath & the realization of the Life’s worth – at least not for most of the people. What does it mean to be successful & finally what it takes Read More



CUT throat & Neck competition, lust for the success ladder and to traverse each other in the race of life which has now been transformed into a Tyrant battlefield and everyone is more concerned about one’s own existence, survival, growth Read More


8 key points : Rising back on the path set by leaders.

8 things I learned from my employers Sharing with you an inspirational story. Failure can drive you to bad days, but the same failure, if analyzed can provide you with rules for success in life. This is a motivational & Read More