How to build a successful “ ATTITUDE”..

how to build a successful attitude.

Success is not the Holy bath & the realization of the Life’s worth – at least not for most of the people. What does it mean to be successful & finally what it takes to be successful Has always remained a Billion dollar question for everyone while everyone knows theTypical Rhyme HARDWORK, DETERMINATION,DIRECTION & LUCK..but still so many Q s & FAQ s remains unanswered mainly case based.A round up in the Jungle of ATTITUDES would probably help get the answers..may not be all..nevertheless few may be.. positive attitude is key to success in life.

material success

success in material things

Attitude 1: Regard material rewards as a by-product, not a goal, of success
Most successful people have high incomes and material possessions, but they don’t make those things the be-all and end-all of their lives.

Attitude 2: Don’t plan to rest on your laurels
Top achievers believe society needs to be changed, and they’re acting to effect those reforms. In a sense, they’re arrived. Personality traits they’ve developed throughout their lives prompt them to keep driving forward.

Attitude 3: Success isn’t necessarily a matter of genius
Most successful people do well in IQ tests, but they place greater importance on other personal factors like the ability to get things done, desire to achieve, and an ability to organize. You don’t have to be a genius to be a success.

goals and success

goals and success

Attitude 4: Develop a clear set of goals
Most top achievers have had clear goals for their lives careers. They also constantly measured their performances against these goals.

Attitude 5: Place a high premium on developing common sense
The ability to exercise good, practical judgments in the everyday affairs of life appears to be more important than raw intelligence.

Attitude 6: don’t expect success to fall into your lap
Most successful people insist that there’s no substitute for hard work, long hours, organization, and getting things done. Few give importance to advantages of being born wealthy or in a prominent family or other factors beyond their control.

Attitude 7: Don’t allow yourself to get discouraged by obstacles to success in your life
Some achievers cited the ability to overcome adverse conditions as a reason for their success. They had something to fight against: the depression, unhappy childhood, or discrimination.

Attitude 9: Look for a special person to put you on the fast track to the top
Many successful people mention individuals other than their parents who had a special influence on their life goals (e.g., a teacher, a coach, or a friend). Even adults may be open to guidance by such a person. This attitude is especially important when dealing with your own children or other young people: reach out and give them some encouragement.

Attitude 10: Fall in love with books
Practically all highly successful people have always been heavy readers – beginning from early age and continuing through adult lives.

Attitude 11: As you become more successful, begin to share your success Most successful persons tend to be a caring, giving concerned segment of society. They’re interested in and committed to shaping the future with their gifts and volunteer activities.

Attitude 12: You can be a success in more than one field
This is especially important because many young people think they have to find the right occupation. In fact, many successful persons think they could have been a success in other fields too. And many are successes in more than one line of work. In short, a success is success – the main ingredient is not the field, but development of inner traits and attributes.

Attitude 13: Part-time work is an important experience for young people
Again, this is important message for parents. Work outside school teachers youngsters to be self-sufficient, independent, and responsible, if entrusted with even any small odd job.

This open-ended approach to sharing their success seems to play a role in their achievement of high position. As they give to others, their gifts are returned to them manifold. With such attitudes, the striving for success becomes an experience of inner growth, rather than just an effort to push, shove, and scramble one’s way to the top. But perhaps, the key lesson in any success story is that achievement is not just to work to finish a task but rather to work well and to savior each step you take up the mountain you’ve chosen. Then, when you reach the top, you won’t feel spent from all the effort. in fact, you won’t even feel refreshed and invigorated what you’ve accomplished, and you’ll find yourself looking for the next peak to conquer.

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