Best Communication Improvement lesson [your pet has to offer]

I entered the home of one of my best friends home and as usual was welcomed by a fierce looking dog named Simba. I stood in freeze state in attention the moment he started barking like a cartoon character.

Suddenly my friends voice came, In Marathi language, ” No Simba, go to your place”

Simba, obeyed and went off to his remote corner of the house.

I stood there surprised, Simba understands Marathi? my mother tongue? It came as a thought for today.
Imagine parrots in France understand french,Horses given instructions in Arabic, Pets in each country understand the language of that country. Horses in Bangalore stud farms understand English, Pets china understand Chinese.


Yes, We humans who discovered languages often use it to miscommunicate, create communication gaps, and we drift away from each other. We have so many languages & tools, yet we fail to communicate properly.

Across 5 continents, within lots of languages, pets still make a part of the family and communicate with their owners. Its a both way communication and effective too.

Pets on the other hand, have no language to speak expect LOVE and still they communicate everything to their owners. they have undying love, affection for their owners and they never fail to show it irrespective of any condition.

Those who have pets will understand this,when they enter the house they are greeted first by the pet of the house.they pamper him so much that love is communicated. Pets have warned families of thieves, and saved lives in so many ways without even uttering a single word of the languages spoken of this world.

It was a big lesson for me. It showed me to show my love without any hesitation and go ahead in life. What holds us to speak up and show our feelings to the people we care about?
its good to learn from pets to better your communication, no harm in doing it. Can be used right from daily life to everylife.

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