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In a 40 Lakh population city of central India fresh Auto Rickshaw licenses were given. The 3 Wheeler Supplied against were all Auto LPG + petrol compliant. To my surprise, no one in that town could have created 3000 new auto LPG customers, But that 3 wheeler manufacturer did it. Leave aside the rules and other things, It makes me proud to see that at least 3 wheeler in my city are ready for the Green & Clean Fuel Auto LPG. Indian Automobiles run with only 4 models of cars & not a single 2 wheeler on Auto LPG , that makes me think Are we shy about Auto LPG?


The state of Karnataka has made it mandatory for Auto Rickshaws to run on Auto LPG, so has Tamilnadu, Followed by Hyderabad & Kolkata. Do you know what is significant here? These states have taken steps to start taking action against pollution and 3 wheelers have accepted the deal. Today major 3 wheeler manufacturers have their Auto LPG models, or dual fuel arrangement in place.

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You will be surprised to know that there are only 4 models of cars which come in factory fitted Dual fuel mode today, 2 from Maruti Suzuki and 2 from Hyundai. There is lot to learn from both the situations. What if the Auto makers send only dual fuel models in matured markets like Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Maharashtra, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh? What will happen? Why is everyone shy about Auto LPG. Earlier there was a hue & cry about station availability, now we have stations but there are hardly any factory fitted LPG automobiles.

Major automakers are shying away from this fuel. New Global auto makers have arrived in India without any Auto LPG cars. Some of these Global auto makers have auto LPG compliant cars in other continents but not in India. It is easy to say if there will be a demand there will be an auto LPG model, till the 3 wheeler auto makers showed us the way by giving only dual models. How big or small this could mean for their business or for our economy like India which spends its precious foreign currency over Oil Imports is obvious.

2 wheeler
auto lpg 2 wheeler

Secondly, Auto LPG in 2 wheelers is a  success in some parts of country. We are witnessing the start of the revolution in smaller cities now. My city has over 150 registered auto LPG 2 wheelers. Auto LPG in 2 wheelers is safe, Government approved and still there is not a single company fitted 2 wheelers in the market. It is amazing experience when an Auto LPG 2 wheeler comes to a Fuel station, you need to take a look at the environment it creates at the fuel station. Curiosity, ease, pride and wonder all can be seen. But you need to convert your 2 wheeler by yourself. There is no factory fitted vehicle available for such a vast market like India.

Today petrol is Rs.70/+ in India and Auto LPG is around Rs.40/- per liter. What a blessing it would for the normal people to have a LPG 2 wheeler. Let’s say, we have more than 1200 Auto LPG stations across India, even if Dual Fuel arrangement 2 wheelers were launched in the states with highest number of auto LPG stations it would mean something. It can cut down the precious fuel consumption and mean better savings. Today with 4 factory LPG car models and Kit suppliers scattered across India, we are expecting Auto LPG to grow. Which is not practical, without Auto makers support to both 4 wheeler & 2 wheeler category.

Will Dual fuel supply of vehicles change anything? Will it be feasible? Will it mean good profits? Will it create cleaner cities? All these questions can be answered positively, for the rest it’s the business as usual. The Auto LPG can sustain, Grow and benefit only when the Auto makers, Auto LPG companies, and customers will come together. All is favorable  for auto LPG users today, we need a bigger effort from everyone to develop Auto LPG. We can not just expect on customers to go and convert his vehicle on LPG because its economical. We will need to promote it for the new users also.

In today’s market 3 Wheeler auto companies have clearly shown us how it is done. They created its own market, and stood tall to the dual fuel challenge. A very smart move. We need to think more openly so that auto LPG can have its deserving place in Indian Auto Fuel Market.

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