9 months of life & one moment of death

Life & Death, we have no control over the 9 months of life & one moment of death. Neither the cause of death.Life comes announcing, you get entire nine months to prepare for its arrival. You nurture its presence. It’s exactly opposite for death. No 1 death cause to death from any other reason doesn’t give any intimation to anyone.

Imagine if your time of death is announced just like the Birth, then what would be your reaction? Would it make our life easy or more painful? Would it make us live better or live futile? will we be able to surpass 9 months of life & one moment of death. canwe take life & death headon?

How will it work, just opposite to the signs of the birth of life, there would be signs of death. Like 9 months, there could say 9 months to go away from the world. Let’s say doctors would announce that you will pass away on so & so date and have a good life till then.

Different age groups might respond differently, elders might want to catch up with the family, make a will and spend time with everyone important to them.

how will you prepare to face the death

what if death comes announcing life? what will you do to cope?

Middle aged might just want to organize life for those who will be dependent on them. They might chalk out the future course, spend time with the loved one and may be having fun.

The Younger generation may go all out and make the best of every moment they have. They will say I love you to the ones they could not gather the courage to say so.

A lot of people would regret doing incorrect things and try to mend the broken things. Some will go into depression, and some would sulk. But if you look at history, we celebrate Birth chances are there might be a farewell to the parting person. There might be a better life around him.

The best part would be that everyone will have a chance to wind up their life with respect & dignity. No more accidental deaths, no more families left in the lurch due to earning member dead. It is surprising to see the creator giving 9 months to form a life and giving practically no time for an exit of that life.

Just Imagine, beyond the 9 months of life & one moment of death rule. some great leaders of our world would have known their time, they would have definitely taken different steps to shape the world. Life & death would have carried a different meaning. Our forefathers would have shaped this world, our lives differently. It is even impossible to think of the possibilities this kind of world would have had to offer to us.

Seeds of life take the time to germinate and take a form, these forms lead a life full of creativity, relationships and create more life. Everything is just right about everything when it comes to life. All rules are set and function perfectly, till the Death by any cause sets in.

Death does not correspond to the rules set by life nor responds to the algorithms set by its creator. Death is sudden and ends of all rules and beliefs. People terminally ill or serving death penalty are somewhat different, still, they are not aware of the exact time of their death.


I wish, some miracle t come in and the rules are reset by our creator for death. For it will bring peace. For people will take important things seriously. For people will stop living as if they have eternity, for people will start valuing life, for people will be kind towards each other’s needs, For it will be easier to know what matters to us, for we will pursue what we want, for we will not be afraid, for we will make right choices, for we wouldn’t want to be the person pulling that trigger of gun, for people will share,

For once we will know that we have to go and we will make that exit count. For once money spent on funerals will go down, for once people will donate organs, for once spirit of life will be will live on even after death.

death by date

death may not surprise you, so what will you do

Well, that looks like a crazy thought, but what’s wrong in thinking this way. Something to ponder upon and something new to imagine.

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  1. Raul says:

    I like your article. It is well thought out. You express yourself well. This is another way to look at the subject you talk about.

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