Moving Ahead, Just 2 letters and it summarizes most of life’s activities that stagnates us from moving ahead in a bad relationship. Here i try to share with you some relationship advice on “How to have Healthy relationship’
I had this habit of holding everything, every word in my heart and waiting for years to settle the score which resulted in a bad relationship. Never ever missed an opportunity to repay the person, never had healthy relationship in return. All bad deeds done to me were settled. If that person died, he was cursed because I could not settle the score. I was the judge and the executor in all my relationship problems.
Revenge was the driving force. It is a very potent force actually. Revenge can make you competitive and progressive till a point. After that point it just becomes just destructive. And if you still want to pursue it is self-destructive for sure.
Are you in a situation where your Personal, Business, Professional, Friendly relationship is going under turbulence, dissatisfaction or you are getting signals of these situations. Then you need to read this

Healthy relationship tips: How to deal with it?
Acceptance of this very fact can turn tables; it can give you a very new way of thinking, which you have not considered. We often try to fight to change situation, without realizing that it cannot be changed. Accept that you have a problem.
Acceptance is the first step to better future. Accepting that you have a problem gives you an insight that now where is the road. Accepting helps you to decide better as you know that there is a problem to be solved. You now know the nature of your problem.
We struggle each day and frustration level grows to a point where we give away those precious relationships. Acceptance will help you understand the situation and will let you know when & where to stop

Healthy relationship tips: Letting go is the only way. Leaving the control is kind of letting go. All the troubled relationships have this control issue a let it the core. The moment you let go that control, then you have nothing further to lose.

Most of the dissatisfying situation arises from difference in expectation from others and its fulfillment. Couples, Employees, parents, friends, Even countries have this issue. But there is nothing wrong with it, you have not come on this planet to fulfill expectations nor have others come to fulfill yours.

Healthy relationship tips: Talk. Make an attempt to reach at a common ground by trying to talk to the other person. Don’t talk on phone, or chat or sms unless its absolutely necessary. Make it a point to let the person know that you are coming to talk and the person is sort of ready to listen.
like in a marriage help, When you talk, you let out things which are important to you but the other person doesn’t realize the way you feel about. Exact words make a lot of difference, than “I thought you would understand” or “you should have known” . Make your point in exact words “I’m hurt because…..” “I’m disappointed and I want this to work or not work”
Saying exactly how we feel will make other person understand better and you will also be heard well.
Listen. The most important thing in moving ahead is to listen. You need to listen without judging to be listened. Communicating is a crucial point in a disturbed relationship. Half of the problems are due to faulty communication. We never tell and we never listen properly. Other people in relationship are not god, and they cannot read your thoughts.

When you listen carefully, you may be able to see sadness, disappointment & neglect as real issues of your discussion than the situational ones.
Healthy relationship tips: Anger is a very potent force. You need it to move ahead in life & bad relationship. You need to drive you when you are down, anger if channelized can be a very positive thing. You need to learn when to stop with anger, when to move ahead with anger and let other person know that you are angry about something.
Handling anger needs your acceptance to problem, and your burning desire to make things better.

No relationship comes perfect. You have to make it better by working on day to day basis. I have lost some very dear persons in life whom I can’t bring back in my life. Just shared my experience on what went wrong in my case. Hope this benefits you.

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