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lets check 6 misconceptions about auto LPG in India. So you are confused on economy of Auto LPG? Confused on various points? How to decide if auto LPG is good for you? Whom to ask? Is auto LPG legal? Can we run motorcycle on LPG?

Auto LPG does not save you money

Auto LPG pricing is most economical as compared to Petrol in India Today. Auto LPG is 40 – 45 % cheaper than petrol and in some cities it is almost 50% of the petrol cost. On the face value it saves you 40%. In other words it is worth 3 months of free fuel in a year, if you decide to switch from Petrol to LPG.

Yes, there is an initial cost involved in conversion of your 2 wheeler, 3 wheeler, 4 wheeler but that is recoverable through your savings.

Loss Of performance

Auto LPG which is supplied in Indian market has similar octane value as petrol. The pick up is compromised little. Besides this there is no change in performance. Once you start riding an Auto LPG vehicle you will not even notice any difference.

Voids You warranty

Today automobile companies have  launched their own version of auto LPG vehicles to accommodate growing demand of Auto LPG. Today Many automobile manufacturers have their factory fitted Auto LPG models.

LPG is Less Safe than Petrol

LPG is safe. Government of India has approved the technology and millions of cars are using the auto LPG fuel on regular basis with trust. Auto LPG will be unsafe if You are illegally filling domestic LPG in to your car, or misusing it.

Tanks and components are like multi valve are given for enhanced safety.

Loss of Boot space

LPG tanks come in 2 different version. One cylindrical tank and other tank in the shape of a car Tyre. You can choose from both. The Tyre shaped tank fits in the space for spare Tyre and is practically invisible.

auto LPG
auto LPG tank

The other tank needs space but never to eat away complete boot space in the car.

LPG is hard to find

Bangalore city has over 38 auto LPG stations. We have seen great efforts by PSU & private oil companies to open auto LPG stations in every part of india . There are more than 1000 + auto LPG stations in India. Naturally they might not be as dense as the existing petrol pump network, but now there is a station nearby in your city.

Rising land cost & tough government safety norms have somewhat restricted the entry of new stations, But companies are working very hard to extend their reach to every part of India. especially parallel marketers like GOGAS are expanding rapidly across India.


A lot still needs to be achieved in the field of auto LPG as far as no of stations, No of vehicle conversions, awareness and conversion of new customers are concerned. Slowly auto LPG will achieve the leading fuel status in next few years.

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  1. This is good move to understand people who using their fuel by petrol.
    Most of the customers fearing to convert into Auto LPG from petrol.
    Kindly give the safety details of Auto LPG.

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